• TH Marco Complete fishing systems for the industrial tuna fisheries, and deck machinery for all types of vessels. Go to Naval sector
  • TH Minerals Design and manufacturing of mineral processing equipments. Solid/liquid separation, crushing, screening, pumping, material handling are some of the processes we provide solutions to. Go to Mineral sector
  • TH Enviro Design and manufacturing of waste water treatment plants and slurry filtration for all types of industries.Go to Enviro sector

R+D+i Projects

As testimony to our firm commitment to constantly improve our products and services portfolio, the company has invested 3% of its revenue in recent years in the development of new and innovative technologies. These technologies will meet the needs of our customers, keep the company one step ahead of future market trends and offer solutions that allow our customers to improve the management of their industrial processes.

The close collaboration of our specialised R&D&i team with our customers, as well as with universities and research centres in the investigation of new technologies for the market gives us the opportunity to offer a wide range of innovative equipment on the market.